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Winter Archery League Schedule

Adult Leagues

Starting in the winter, Geauga Bow offers fun weekly shoots that you can take as seriously as you want or just for some fun. It depends on you! Indoor shooting like this is a great way to work out your shooting kinks and problems, and to get prepared for the upcoming hunting/tournament season. At the end of leagues there will be an "End of League" party/pot shoot. That date will be set at a later time.

League Format: This year leagues will be 10-weeks long. "Five Spot" league begins on January 15, 2019 and "450-Vegas" league will begin on January 16th. Space is limited. All leagues start at 6:30 p.m. For the "Five Spot" league you can signup for Tuesday or Thursday. All shooters will be part of the same "Five Spot" league to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Team League Payout: This year we are doing a team shoot throughout the leagues. Each week money will be added to the pot and the top three teams will get a portion of the pot.

Important Change This Year: Tuesday and Thursday leagues will be part of the same handicap "Five Spot" league just shot on different nights. So you if you can't make it a particular Tuesday, you can shoot your score on Thursday.

Adult League Dates:

  • Tuesday - Five Spot (1st night), starting January 15, 2019
  • Wednesday - Vegas, starting January 16, 2019
  • Thursday - Five Spot (2nd night), starting January 17, 2019

Cost: All leagues are $15/week with $5 of which will go into the pot for the winning teams. See league rules below for complete details.

Sign up Now! Please call 440-632-1245 or stop in today or signup online at our league registration form.

Kid's (Youth) Leagues

Geauga Bow understands that our kids are the key to our future! Whether it is competitive shooting, archery hunting or just time in the field with a loved one, we pride ourselves in developing the skills necessary for our youngsters to carry on the excitement and traditions of archery.

We offer 8-week consecutive Saturday leagues beginning January 19, 2019. These are handicapped leagues like the adult leagues. Space is limited.

Youth Saturday League Dates:

  • 10:00 a.m. - Animal Targets, 10/20 Yards (School age +), January 19, 2019
  • 12:30 p.m. - Single Spot/Five Spot, 20 Yards (Teens), January 19, 2019

Cost: All leagues are $10 per week.

Sign up Now! Please call 440-632-1245 or stop in today or signup online at our league registration form.

Adult League Rules

  • Fee: $15/person/week; $5 of which will go into the pot for the winning teams.
  • First two weeks will establish handicap.
  • First official scoring week will be the week of January 29th.
  • Archers can choose between a single spot or 5 spot target face.
  • All arrows can be shot in a single target, in each individual 3/5 spots on a target face or any combination of target faces.
  • There will be 2 official practice ends before scoring starts.
  • Scoring will be done individually by physical scorecard (provided). Arrow line calls are made by the majority of the group. A judge may be called to score.
  • Do not touch any arrow or target face until the scores have been called & recorded accurately.
  • In the event of a bounce out, the arrow is to be reshot no exceptions.
  • Archers will be able to make up a missed week anytime, please let the store manager know about this to hand you a score card and charge accordingly.
  • All missed weekly scores need to be made up by the final night of shooting.
  • League winner's names will be added to a new bragging board that is going to purchased. Only 1st and 2nd place will be added to the board.
  • If two (or more shooters) are tied at the end, there will be a one end shoot-off counting only X's. Ends will be shoot until a winner is established.

Team Rules

  • Teams will compete against each other week to week. Handicap will be continuous. At the end of the 10 weeks the top 3 teams will receive cash prizes.
  • All teams will be two-person teams.
  • Two-person teams will be chosen after the second week by the shooters.
  • Team's weekly points will be determined by points won per each team member for that week.
  • Winnings will be based on the following percentages of the total collected pot: 1st place - 60%, 2nd place - 30% and 3rd place - 10%.
  • Estimated maximum 1st place team winnings for the "Five Spot" league would be $1,200 (split two ways). This is based on 40 people shooting the five spot league for all 10 weeks.
  • If we have an odd number of people in the leagues, the remaining team unaffiliated person can select another member from an established team. That one member will be participating in two teams. There can only be one "odd member" team.

Sign up Now! Please call 440-632-1245 or stop in today or signup online at our league registration form.


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Geauga Bow has a complete online league system so you can get your league results anytime online right here:

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