The Fall Pre-Rut Pot Shoot

Saturday, October 20th, 2018
Geuaga Bow @ 6:00pm

If you are trying to avoid "Sweetest Day" or your sweetie likes to shoot or you need a little preseason practice, come to Geauga Bow for the 2018 Fall Pre-Rut Pot Shoot. Lots of fun, laughs, shooting and winning some money ... what could be better. Snacks will be available ... pizza and chips. Bring your own beer.

Pot Shoot Specifics: There are spots for 18 shooters only. Buy in for the Pot Shoot is $40. Here are how the money portions work for this night's shooting:

  • Standard Pot Shoot...$10 for each pull. No passing when your name is pulled so everybody will be pulled three times and guaranteed three chances to shoot. Three pulls per end during the regular 5-spot round. X ring when your name is pulled is a win for the pot. If you won once, then you have to hit two x-rings. If you win three times, then three x-rings. Max winnings - $540.
  • Skins Match - The only one with 3 (or more) X's wins the Skins Pot. $15 added each end. Ties push the pot to next end. Everybody is in on this. Max winnings - $180.

This pot-shoot is by pre-registration only (form below). Pizza and chips will be provide. Bring your beer if you want.

So register below, mark your calendars for October 20th, Saturday @ 6:00pm and come out to a serious fun pot shoot.


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