Service and Repairs

Crossbow Service:

Complete Set Up and Sight In $35.00
Mount Scope and Sight In $20.00
String Replacement $25.00
Install Cranking Aid $35.00
ICAD Upgrade $75.00
Replace Limbs and Limb Pockets $30.00
  • All prices listed are for labor charges only parts are additional unless noted.
  • All tech services are preformed to your satisfaction.

Range Fees:

One Year Membership $100.00
One Month Membership $25.00
Hourly Fee $6.75
Student Semester Membership $35.00

String Cable Replacement Services:

  • All string and cable replacements come with a full one year warranty
  • We use only 452x material
Single Cam $115.00
Cam 1/2 $130.00
Twin or Bianary Cams $130.00
  • You can choose from a variety of custom color combination for NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  • All of our strings and cables are individually custom made to the exact length of your factory specifications and stretched in at 700 lbs. No creep, stretch or peep rotation - Guaranteed!

Professional Archery Services:

Hourly Shop Rate $30.00
Peep installation $6.00
Kisser Installation $6.00
Sight Installation $6.00
Basic Rest Installation $6.00
Drop Away Rest Installation $12.00
String Loop Installation $7.00
String Silencers $6.00
Re-Serve Center Serving $12.00
Re-Serve End Loops $14.00
Serve In String Stopper $6.00
Re-Adjust Timing $12.00
Adjust Draw Length $6.00
Adjust Draw Weight $6.00

All of our technicians are pro-certified by our manufacturers.

Service Packages

Basic Bow Set-Up
(free with purchase of bow) includes.

  • *lnstallation of all accessories
  • Two hours of range time
  • 20 yard sighting in
  • Custom arrow selection
  • Arrows cut to length and inserted
  • Professional consultation and shooting instructions.

Basic Tune-Up

  • *Safety check
  • Paper tune rest
  • Adjust weight Wax strings
  • Lube axles and limb pockets
  • Check timing
  • Adjust string nock or loop


Super Tune Set-Up

  • All of the above with addition to:
  • Laser tune
  • Adjust timing
  • Chronograph bow
  • FOC calculation
  • Replace string loop or nock
  • Reserve peep
  • Replace kisser


Custom Arrow Service

All arrow purchases comes with a custom selection for weight, (FOC) front of center calculation and kinetic energy calculation.

Refletch w/ Blazers $3.00
Refletch w/ 4" Duravanes $2.75
Refletch w/Standard 4 or 5" Feathers $4.25
Refletch w/ Barred 4 or 5" Feathers $5.25

Arrow refletching includes Vanes, Feathers, Cleaning, and Installation.

Arrows cut to length $0.60
Arrow cut to length w/ insert $1.00
Arrow wraps installed per arrow $1.10


Other Services Offered

  • Full line of Archery Accessories
  • Full line of deer call, broadheads, deer mineral supplements, and deer attractants.
  • Hunting Clothing and Boots
  • Turkey Hunting Supplies
  • Predator Hunting Supplies
  • Optics
  • Rangefinders and Binoculars
  • Firearms and Ammo
  • Gun Smithing Services
  • Muzzleloader Supplies
  • Full line of Easton and Beaman Arrows
  • Special Orders Available
  • And Much More